Vang Veny keovorabouth aka big dog aka mdv. Charlotte, Hickory, Greensboro, Atlanta, High Point, LasVegas USA

14th February 2020

Beware of this guy, He’s a user, liar, cheater, scammer, thief, just your all-time biggest player. He may even have an std n won’t get checked. A single mom of 4 fell fir him hard, had me believing I’m his soul mate. Ha! I supported his a*s for the entire year along with my 4 kids. I went through 10 stacks and he had the nerve to sneak another butch up in my house n hide her..f**k hee while I showered, slept, etc fed the b***h, gave her my s**t, she wore my daughter’s clothes. I knew for months but finally got them in the act on video. He’s no good and a b*m, he just wants to mooch off any female.. he has no heart or conscious he’s an addict drug n s*x addict. Beware he will suck you dry even mental, n emotionally. Very manipulative believes his own lies n always thinks his actions are ok. When they are not. No consideration for others, no respect, no morals, no standards. He literally broke me my heart left me n kids broke. I have zero dollars now instead of being a man by helping our he ran like a b***h to another n I’m sure it’s gonna happen to her. I don’t wish this on anyone. There’s so much more I wanna say but I think I’ve maxed,y point. Beware just doesn’t even acknowledge him or he will think you want him. That’s what he believes that every f*****g woman wants him


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