Comment on John Morley Berlin NH Penis by Sarah

24th August 2019

Not only does John Morley have a small little penis but he loves to masturbate in public. He has done it hundreds of times to hundreds of women and teenage girls. He’s been arrested for indecent exposure at least five times but was only convicted once. That was in Arizona when he plopped his hard little dick on the counter in front of a young, Blockbuster female cashier. Online his dick has been seen by thousands. Just Google his name in New Hampshire. I say he won’t keep his job long as some one is sure to find out about him. It’s also suspected that he sprays his cum all over the toilet in the unisex bathroom where he works out.-Sarah

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  • Nope 9th September 2019

    Just so people know the alleged “woman” who made this post is John himself. He has a humiliation fetish and gets off on people laughing at him.
    He a creepy old man who’s been doing this for years.

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