Bri Teresi — Just Another IG model

30th July 2019

THE DIRTY ARMY: Found Bri Teresi’s profile on a Vegas fake model site who goes by Tara sure seems to be the same girl when compared to her IG or FB photos. Sure this isn’t a surprise as most of these sloots are all over IG, just haven’t seen you mention her ever and I wanted to out her on here if you felt like it was worthy.

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  • Damien 16th September 2019

    What is going on here ?? – is this a site where you trash others based on their interactions with you or others – seems waaaay too subjective. I find their are rarely truly evil people – if you don’t like an interaction with someone then perhaps try see what hand you had in the outcome – Ie What things did you do to get that reaction from someone – we are by nature reactionary creatures.

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