Bob Dakha Port coquitlam bc is a cheating jerk

8th September 2019

Bob Dakha from Port coquitlam bc is a cheating jerk.He told me he was seperated for two years and living alone.well months later i found out not only was he living with a wife but also had four children. He has no morals at all. He abandoned his children and paid no child support. His wife keeps taking him back though so he thinks he can just cheat with no impunity. This lowlife also drinks and drives and deals drugs.I got a call telling me to stay away from him or else his family gonna kill me. well if you are reading this trust me I am staying far far away from this loser! Anyone stupid enough to go near this creep should have their head examined


  • TANYA 10th September 2019


  • cherise 11th September 2019

    who would date this ugly guy? His face looks like it got run over by a truck

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