Shaina Grysiuk and Britney Smith Flitter, and crater island Pepsi Slores

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well, well, well, here is 2 of Winnipeg’s finest drd, slore, Pepsi heads of Winnipeg. Is it Swiss cheese, is it the moon, noooooo it’s Shaina Grysiuk face, this little Pepsi slope, doesn’t even have a job, and somehow she has a kid. Gentlemen heads up, if you get with her, which isn’t …

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The Floozy Kindergarten teacher – Jenna Malovey

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here we have Jenna Malovey She’s a kindergarten teacher and this girl is totally unfit to be any kind of role model for our youth. The whole facility knows about her and is disgusted, she has hooked up with multiple students fathers even married ones! She has no regard for anything or anyone, …

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Candice Dylan Orosco — Evil cold hearted woman

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Candice “Dylan” Orosco. Wannabe Hollywood actress and self absorbed, cold hearted hood rat that leaves a path of destruction before moving on to her next victim. She hates her own Hispanic heritage and swears she is a white valley girl hence changing her Hispanic last name to Dylan. She hits up …

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Mallie Black — Easy floozy settles down with grandpa

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mallie has been stripping and floozy since the beginning of time. Finally she found a grandpa to take care of her skill-less low life self.

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Emma Jurista — the girl loves older men

THE DIRTY ARMY: this girl just like her mother A.J. shes nothing but a snake, lying to her own mother and family about the guys she sleeps around with. no wonder no one want her. keep your men im lock and key. dont matter the age if he cant fu*k and has a di*k she’s all …

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