Chris Sheng — Chris stole Courney Stodden money

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Did anyone catch the live stream of Courney crying for a whole hour over this so called rich man stealing her credit card and buying her stuff with her own money and getting all the praise ? Dude needs to be put on blast for being a thief ! Why didn’t she press …

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Erin Lord — Get your own man!

THE DIRTY ARMY:  It may have been cute to hoe around in high school, but it’s not cute as an adult and at that a single mother. This hair stylist doesn’t care about what is morally right, she just cares about what she wants. She will pursue and initiate sexual acts with your husband or boyfriend …

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Bailey Gervais, Blackface racist costumes are not ok

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Bailey Gervais owner of The Local Kitchen in Saskatoon should know racist blackface costumes are not ok and hurtful.

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Sarah Chau — social climbing

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This girl is a social climbing b1tch who only wants attention from any guy she can get. She blames everything on her ‘anxiety’ she talks shit about anybody and everybody she jumps friendship to friendship she quits every job she gets she is the biggest pot head she’s never sober how much is …

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Ashley Nicole – The Dirty

THE DIRTY ARMY: Just another babymomma who’s only goal in life is to drink alchohol and ‘attempt’ to raise her kids. Shes a toxic human being that will gaslight someone just for attention, she will make up lies and say pretty much anything that she can possibly make up. Steer clear from this phsyco. Save yourself …

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