Cassie bateman — big mouth !!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cassie bateman runs her mouth about everybody drinks everyday of her life with her friend tianna Ashford who should be on here too these girls are truelly belong on here . I don’t get how she’s drinks everyday. They don’t deserve to have any friends there fake. Tianna lives at home with her …

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This girl is so desperate for money and will do anything for $100, she claims she has a life but really doesn’t. The post Jessica Hayat Hakim — MONEY HUNGRY LOSER FAT B1TCH appeared first on Expose Homewreckers.

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Summer Smith — Miami chick comes to Woodlands

THE DIRTY ARMY: New chickin town, make sure you put her on your list guys. Let’s make her famous. Please rate her from 1-10 and be very honest. Source link

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Megan Heaton — Megan Heaton Please Stop with the Terrible Photoshop!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Good lord, from her days at ASU to her floozy time in LA…what was once a pretty girl has turned into another lame mess. Hire a professional to edit your pictures Megan, I didn’t know they invented a new species of bamboo that curves inwards around one’s hips? Source link

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Kaitlyn Kidwell — Gold Digger

THE DIRTY ARMY: Staying away from this girl at all cost. She is former inmate, who will steal, cheat and lie. All she cares about is money. She is looking for sugger daddies in the Cincinnati area and she isn’t looking to give you any benefits at all. She will lie to you and promise …

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